Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tale of Broken Heart...

It wud've been simpler to hate you
I could move ahead and not look back 
those memories pierce through my heart
do we really have to go apart

Am I really that bad a person 
that you can't love me for what I am
both know we are dying here
why can't you just let go and try me out
I've been adamant not selfish though
happiness forever is what am tryin to seek
broken pieces and shattered heart
still calls out to you hold me in your arms
You are my life and heavenly bliss
I can never forget the way we kissed
tears dropped from my eyes
why can't you be here to see... 

This is not meant to happen with us
lets not play a blame game
I know nothing is the same
but what to do of the soul engraved with your name !!