Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fair Maiden...Unfair life

The fair maiden envy of many
written about her beauty
the desire and the mystery
... mattered to her none

longed she for normalcy
to notice her melancholy 
her eyes spoke a lot
... saw that the none

not a toy to be played
not a beast to be tamed
just a simple dreamy girl
... fulfilled were none

heart filled with love
selfless and giving
still trapped with outer beauty
.. beneath it a longing girl saw none

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Solace In Silence

Sometimes I seek solace in silence
Filled with agony and distress
On my way lost my innocence
Here I stand seeking out aimless!
Sometimes I wonder about my smile
Is it my way to live the perfect lie
I think about my confident streak
Is it a disguise of me being a freak!

Sometimes I run away from my reflection
I am way beneath perfection
I walk in path of a pleasant present
Haunted Past leaves me in dissent!

Sometimes I need to scream in pain
Ends with aching heart in despair
In vogue of searching my name
I found my soul dead in disdain