Thursday, December 22, 2011

Everyone says... But They don't really know

Everyone says I need to move on
I can't with your memory lingering on
The days remind me of the happier times so much
The nights aches for your whisper and touch

Everyone says I am being a fool
but they don't know about our promise
You had told you will come for me soon
I need to hold on for some more time

Everyone says I need to let go
How do I tell them what we shared
I know for each other we really cared
it is our soul that we have scarred

Everyone says time heals everything
How do I tell them you are my everything
I wait for you, crying, put myself to sleep
you know it in your heart we shared something deep

Everyone says we are poles apart
But don't opposite poles attract?
The bitter sweet moments remain
The lifeless me has become mundane

Everyone says we are better off away
how do I tell them the feel of our body rhythmic sway
Everything felt so right when you were around
It pains now searching for you never to be found