Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kuch aise

kuch khamosh alfaz
hain labo par dabe huye,

kuch ankahe haqeeqat
hain aks ko sataye huye,

kuch tadapte ehsaas
hain teri ore kheechte huye,

kuch chupe huye armaan
hain palko mein biche huye,

kuch deewane jazbaat
hain dil mein dhadkte huye,

kuch kashish gehri
hain bebas karte huye,

kuch zindagi ke safar adhure
hain tere bin kaate huye,

kuch lamhe churaye
hain haseen pal sanjote huye,

kuch taraste nigahe
hain mulakat ke aas lagaye huye,

kuch rishta darmiyaan
hain anjaane dor se bandhe huye,

kuch mohabaat ke nagme
hain dil ke kone mein sajaye huye,

kuch taqdeer se jhagda
hain tujhe apna banate huye.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Everyone says... But They don't really know

Everyone says I need to move on
I can't with your memory lingering on
The days remind me of the happier times so much
The nights aches for your whisper and touch

Everyone says I am being a fool
but they don't know about our promise
You had told you will come for me soon
I need to hold on for some more time

Everyone says I need to let go
How do I tell them what we shared
I know for each other we really cared
it is our soul that we have scarred

Everyone says time heals everything
How do I tell them you are my everything
I wait for you, crying, put myself to sleep
you know it in your heart we shared something deep

Everyone says we are poles apart
But don't opposite poles attract?
The bitter sweet moments remain
The lifeless me has become mundane

Everyone says we are better off away
how do I tell them the feel of our body rhythmic sway
Everything felt so right when you were around
It pains now searching for you never to be found

Monday, December 19, 2011

MY Life... NO Fairytale

I was a normal dame...
believing in fairy tale,

Hoping for happily every after...
all I got was sorrow hereafter,

Trust me I said...
insecure heart craved,

I hated obsessive...
got entwined with possessive,

Caring of soul faltered...
could do nothing about ego altered,

looked forward for bliss of happiness...
instead found twinge of sadness,

Emotions surged captivated...
wished it had never got manipulated,

Illusion promised lovely vows...
reality claimed just cruel woes,

No longer believes in happy ending...
all I have is emptiness killing....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

NEVER Give Up!!

Heart fluttering...
Thought encompassing...
Eyes bewitching....
Dream accomplishing....
Truth endearing...
Hope aspiring...
Lifelong yearning...
Desire fulfilling...

world came crumbling
But still...

courage standing...
spirit undying...
Freedom soaring...
Broken wing healing...
Thats me flying!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tale of Broken Heart...

It wud've been simpler to hate you
I could move ahead and not look back 
those memories pierce through my heart
do we really have to go apart

Am I really that bad a person 
that you can't love me for what I am
both know we are dying here
why can't you just let go and try me out
I've been adamant not selfish though
happiness forever is what am tryin to seek
broken pieces and shattered heart
still calls out to you hold me in your arms
You are my life and heavenly bliss
I can never forget the way we kissed
tears dropped from my eyes
why can't you be here to see... 

This is not meant to happen with us
lets not play a blame game
I know nothing is the same
but what to do of the soul engraved with your name !!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Beyond Promise...

I cannot promise you happiness forever
but can you still gimme chance to take away your pain
I cannot promise to be love of your life
but can you still let me fall in love with u...

I cannot promise you a life full of roses
but can you still let me take away the thorns that come ur way
I cannot promise you to create memory for whole life
but can you still gimme chance to weave memory for lifetime...

I cannot promise you unseen future
but can you still let me be part of your present
I cannot promise to captivate your heart
but can you still gimme chance will never let you break apart...

I cannot promise you to be a dream gal
but can you still gimme the chance to show you the real me
I cannot promise you anything in life
but can you still let me be your everything for this short while...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Anymore!!

Can someone really give so much pain
why had I to lose so much in my life
am I really so worthless
should I really put myself to shame

Nah! I don't really think so
I have got the right to life
spread my wing and fly high
I can dare dream and fulfill

Can you try put me down
No not any more for sure
I finally know who I am and what I want
I am imperfect and happiness is all I count!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adhoore Sapne...

Saahil se Kinara chuth gaya,
mujhse mera taqdeer ruth gaya...
Reth ki tarah waqt fisal gaya,
jo muthi mein sama gaya woh pal jee liya...

Kati dor toh udti patang giri hain,
haarke gire huye maine apna wajood khoya...
Aina sach bole kahan sirf aks dikhaye hain,
ruh ko kabhi woh chu hi nahi paya...

Andhere ko lau ki talash hain,
chuppe huye inn ansuo ko muskurahat ki pyaas hain...
patange ko jalne ki chah hain,
mujhe uss pyaar ko paane ki aas hain...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Benaam Rishta...

Kuch sapne udhaar ke hote hain,
Kuch pal kisiki zindagi ke churaye hote hain,
Kuch apne paraye hote hain,
Kuch aansu muskuruhat mein chupaye hote hain...

Koi samjhe nahi ye reet,
Koi jaane nahi ye preet,
Koi rishte benaam hote hain,
Koi dil to milte par na kabhi saath hote hain...

DOST... Khuda Ka Tohfa

Ae Ajnabi teri dosti ka jaadu,
yun sar chadhkar bola,
Baawri huyi iss pak mann mein.
Tu hain khuda ne bheja mera tohfa...

Ae dost tu aaya aise mere naseeb mein,
zindagi ne jeena seekh liya,
Haseen khwab sa haqeeqat hain tu,
Qayamat ke baad bhi saath de woh farishta hain tu...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

He is NOT the ONE...

Hey gal why can't u see
he is not the guy you meant to be with...
why don't you stop hurting
he is not the Prince Charming in making!!!

He pushed you around
why you wana still go back to him...
He disrespected and cursed you all along
why do you wana live life following just his ways..
he just cared  about his dreams and desires
how you missed it that you didn't have any part in it...

Hey gal why can't you see
he is not the guy you meant to be with...
why don't you stop hurting
he is not the Prince Charming in making!!!

You waited for him endless days and nights
all you got in return was an empty and hollow life...
you wanted him to touch your soul
how did you end up numb and lifeless though..
you treasured him in your heart claiming him to be right
why is your heart ripped and bleeding then...

Hey gal why can't you see
he is not the guy you meant to be with...
why don't you stop hurting
he is not the Prince Charming in making!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baarish Jaisa Rishta

Baarish ke tarah meri teri dosti,
Baarish ke boond ki tarah humari masti...

Garajte badal jaisa yeh gussa,
Bijli jaise girti jab bhi bhadakta...
Khilti hansi suhana zamana tere sung taaza lagta,
jab gire aansu tere apne baraste ashko mein simata..
Humare rishte ka ehsaas nahi tujhe pagle,
Gili mitti ke khushbu jaise har pal mehekta...

Chahe jo iss ko naam de saath deta hain tu,
khatte meethe iss rishte mein hamesha bheega hain tu... 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


How do I really know what I wana be..
is it the cool breeze I really wanted to feel
or was it your warm hug that I really miss...
did I wish to fly and touch the sky
or what I wanted was to hold ur hand and walk head high...

How do I really know what I perceive..
does it have to do with smile I have stuck on my face
or is it the forlorn feeling my naked heart gaze...
is it the twinkle in my eyes that gives sparkling light
or is it the tears that I blink to stop and shed it in the night...

How do I really know what I wana do...
does it have to do with pleasing you
or is it what my fluttering heart wants to do...
is it got to do with finding happiness
or knowing I find solace even in those sadness..

How do I really know what I am to be...
is it the person you want me to be
or I should be the person I really ought to be...
is it so easy to give up on the memories we shared
or should I just hold on to you with every broken pieces I had...

Thursday, October 27, 2011


A smile is lost,
A dream it cost..

A heart is broken,
Words remain unspoken...

Tears finally trickled,
Everything seems so fickle...

The trapped soul yelled,
The emotions inside drained...

I so feel I was dead,
No more comfort can ever help...

Saturday, October 22, 2011


My Love you left me with tear,
My Friend you help me overcome my fear...

My Love you gave up hope on me,
My Friend said try you will succeed...

My Love you left me with scar,
My Friend you made sure to heal my every part...

My Love you said distance means sacrifice,
My Friend said no matter what I'm your shoulder to cry on...

My Love said with the guilt you will have to live,
My Friend said better future together we will build...

My love said no one will take you with the past,
My Friend said embarass not it was a lesson that will forever last...

My Love left me mid way in altar,
My Friend just smiled and said our life is now saner!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Live - PRESENT- not an illusion

Sometimes we create our life as oasis in the desert. We start believing in something and eventually end up living in illusion. It starts with the need to comfort us and keep us sane at times but without realizing it at times it end up taking us away so far from reality that we fail to see even the obvious. We need to balance out the truth and dream. We complicate our lives to such an extent that we forget where to draw the line and start having over expectation about certain things or people in life.

Life is simple we just love complicating it. How hard is it to lead a simple but a happy life??? We have stopped understanding the difference between necessity and luxury in life. The world has turned into materialistic society to such an extent that love, comfort, security, trust and understanding sounds alien to people. It is easier to negate all the problems in life when we learn to accept life as it is and be happy with what we have instead of demanding more in life. It is not wrong to dream and try achieving higher but what sense does it make to lose every passing moment in burning and craving for something we do not have??!! I would rather have a fulfilled and content life enjoying every moment I have rather than worry about the goal.

Its high time people need to realize in this fast paced life that everyone has to reach someone in their life but content is the one who enjoys the journey rather than be so focused on the destination that he misses out all the beautiful things that passed on his way. Have you ever thought what will you do reaching such a destination and what next then??!! There will be nothing to hold on to, no memories you have created and eventually reach the pinnacle of success, ultimate goal or whatever it is that you have been aiming for your whole life. But at the end was it really worth it when you would be the lonely and when you turn around have no one beside you to share anything or shoulder to cry or warm hug to comfort you later on. Why are we so afraid to take risk and scared of falling down. Everyone makes mistakes in life. If you don't then you are GOD. And I am not!! I am a human being.. and I think people around me are too. Why can't we just enjoy the wrong turn, laugh about it and be proud of the flaws in us. Everyday is learning process. Learn from it and move on. Harping on your mistakes and digging out the dead graves takes you nowhere in life either. Again we need to balance out our present and past and know where to draw the line.

Live in present!! It is beautiful gift given to us and that is why it is called 'present'!! Every passing moment has something beautiful stored in it. You need to learn enjoying it without any regret of the past or hope of the future. Honestly how many of us know what will happen in future. You have plans for 2 years ahead of you to 20 years ahead but do we really know if we will see the next day in our life. No I am not pessimist!!! I am just too much into life and realize I will not get back the lost moment. I don't have time to waste regretting and crying over something which has already happened and I cannot change. Nor do I have time to ponder upon the future which might not be there in my fate. So I decided to take the destiny in my hand and make my life as beautiful as possible with the 'Present' I have... Hope atleast someone of you agree to me at one point.. If not its your life.. Good luck is all I have to say.. Your thinking suits you the best just as mine does it to me... what matters is at the end of the day we know we are happy and just ourselves!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I feel FREE!!!

It feels so great to be free,
I'm enjoying every moment you see,

I no longer have anything to worry,
No action of mine to make me feel sorry...
I'm living my dream,
I'm finally getting my sound sleep,
I'm jumping around with joy,
You might wonder the reason WHY...

I know now I wana live,
Dancing to the tune every moment brings!!!

I 'NO' longer care...

I no longer care what you think about me,
You can Bitch or you can Flinch,
You can Praise or you can Gaze,
But my resolution now noone can change...

I no longer care what you think about me,
This is my Life from now I make my own rule,
If you can't accept it Losers,
Kindly don't bother and please excuse...

Friday, October 14, 2011


dard tu hi apna lagta hain kyun
koi na deta saath
par sang mere raha hardam hain tu...

kyun aisa bujha bujha hain tu
kaise manau tujhe
khushi humse hardam rutha hain tu...

hansi tu bhi mehengi huyi hain yu
aansu ki nadi beh gayi
par dard karzdaar raha hain tu...

zindagi aise gumsum hain kyun
khoya hain khud ko
fir bhi kyun aage chal raha hain tu...

manzil ki talash mein nikal pada hain tu
khabar kyun nahi hain tujhe
iss raah mein tanha nikala hain tu...

aye waqt kyun thamta nahi hain tu
kadam ab dagamate hain
fir kis umeed mein talash karta hain tu...

andhere mein jeeta hain yu
phir bhi roshni dene ki
zidd mein jalta har pal hain tu...

kismat bhi hairan tujhse hain kyun
khud se haara hain
duniya se phir bhi ladta hain tu...

Monday, October 10, 2011

DaTs ME!!!!

You can see that innocent smile
but its not really as it seems
there is pain behind those cracking lines
why dont you really wana see

There are so many unspoken words
wish you could understand what it means
life is not easy at it seems
I really need to break free

I want to cry my heart out
how difficult is it to feel
just stand beside me
why can't u just let me be

My life is wat I will make it
nothing to do wid wat it had been
listen to me if u really care for me
don't interpret the way you want it to be

I had given life a chance
why you had to ruin it for me
things were not so complicated
as you making it a big deal

I need my life back
noone is going to run my show
I have decided to live it
noone sets rule for me anymore

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is your MASK on???!!!

The biggest lie anyone can say is they are real. No offense meant. But the truth is we ourselves have forgotten about our existence and what we want. We are so keen on trying to adapt ourselves and adjust to our surrounding that after a point we forget who we really are. I doubt if we any longer know what is it that we really want from our life and our decisions and wishes even to that matter our dream are something which is unaffected or untouched by some other known and unknown forces.

We are so keen on trying to please someone or be 'normal' and accepted by the so called society and the people around us that we forget that we are the one who form these norms and end up becoming part of the circus. How difficult is it to just be vocal about what you want and what offends you. But we are too worried about hurting others with our words or actions that we forget that instead we have started taking ourselves for granted. Every action is influenced not with what your heart says anymore. We have stopped listening to our heart long back. Now it is just our mind that thinks and dictates us. It has become manipulating and calculative. We have forgotten living our life.

Why can't we just what we do what we feel like?? Honestly have u ever felt like dancing on middle of road and actually done that. No, we don't!!! We are too stuck in thinking what will others think of it. When was the last time you laughed out loud or sang merrily not caring what others think about it. Has it ever happened you see a stranger and felt you just need to go and talk few sweet words or offer just a smile coz they need it. We don't. We hold ourselves so much back trying to be perfect that we are no longer ourselves. Why is it so difficult to just give yourself completely and immerse in satisfaction and passion and pleasure that you do not bother about the result or effect. Living your life happily is more important or living it as per others consent more??!!!

You may or may not believe in next life... whatever it is you might not really know or can foresee your next life how is it going to be... so why waste the life.. the time.. the moments you create in this life for something or someone who is not worth it. The only thing that is and should be worth the most is yourself. IF you cannot respect or identify yourself how will you ever know about anyone else. If you are busy wearing mask and showing around something you are not than you can't expect others to understand you. When you are living with yourself your life and still are unable to know yourself how will others do so? Introspection is the best observation you can do. Stop looking around for other people life. Analyze your own self. Others help you know things but you realize yourself better. Noone knows what goes in your life and the turmoil of emotions.. if you want them to see you need to remove the mask. But we feel so secure hiding ourselves removing it is same as standing naked removing your inhibitions. We want to feel protected and secured so much in life we are ready to take any mask that helps us survive. We are no longer in search of happiness and bliss but just passing the day hoping next morning will be better. When it can be so easily achieved by removing your mask and baring it all... when you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear... If only this basic thing we could learn.. We can just throw our mask and be ourselves... And i admit I miss myself at times!!!! I am scared to remove my mask.. to come out of its safety net.. but I know I would never be happy if i remain hidden behind the mask... Let someone know me and love me for what I am rather than what they want or think I am!!!!


I refuse to take the blame,
I refuse to live in shame,
I'm done being slave...
I'm no more taking the pain!

I refuse to bend,
I refuse to break,
Try tearing me apart...
Everything will be in vain!!!

I refuse to be weak,
I refuse to leave my solace,
Listen to me u freak...
I'm not giving up my dreams!!!


"You are guilty", "You are at fault" and "It was your mistake not mine"... How easily it is said and much more easily made believe. There is nothing more complex and heart tearing than being made to feel guilty. Shame. Regret. Worry. Fear.  Everything becomes integral part of your life. But ever gave it a thought if you are really guilty??!!

The most easiest way to turn your blame on anyone else or the card to play in your life is blame things on other. All you need to do is put in the fear that you are wrong and how you have gone against the norm. No, I won't call it cruel or cunning thing a mankind has learned to adapt but it is more to do with the convenience. Guilt is something that can be easily transferred as we are not too strong to take the blame on ourselves. It needs more courage and strength to accept the blame and admit your fault than pointing fingers at others. Though said that it comes with a thin line that you need to make sure you don't cross to accept the blame and take the blame.

Both are two entirely different concept. When you accept the blame and realize and feel the guilt you are going on the path of self-realization and evaluating yourselves. But when you take the blame enforced on you all you are doing is fighting against your nature of being right to accept something that has been burdened upon you. More than times just to make the other person feel free of their own conscience. Someone heals themselves is good but not at your expense. You need to realize you are strong individual and nothing can beat u other than yourself.

The first thing you need to do is stop blaming yourself for what you know is not your mistake. As admitting your mistake is right thing to do same way graciously stating that you will not take the blame for what is not your doing is the absolutely essential part in having a better and meaningful life. If you want to live your life stand for yourself. You will have your close ones to defend you but this is battle you have to fight. This is war with yourself where you can win only after surrendering yourself completely at the same time holding back tightly. The paradox it is and it is exactly what the guilt is.

It is no longer preconceived notion. In today's time guilt are been imposed on innocent and the ones at fault who walks freely without any remorse. It is time you realize you don't want that. You are good person and deserve better. And if you think you made mistake rectify it and let it go!! Learn from it and move on.. Life is too short and  your journey too long to lose your way on a GUILT TRIP!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Breakdown. Broken. Hurt. LOVE. Sad Scared. Desperate. Wailing. Stressed. Panic. Anguish. Emotions that make you confused and feel lost in this big world. Everything crashes to that one point and one moment of feeling. HURT. Every humane has gone thru that experience atleast once in life. Few like us goes through it many times over and over again as well.

I always used to feel and think people saying "He/she hurt me" which includes me. I am not an alien you see! I was thinking why do we hurt do much and why do we suffer. Is something or someone worth all the pain and hurt we go through ?? until I came to this conclusion.. which let me clear right away might not be agreeable to all. But then wat the heck!! dis is my blog and i am supposed to say wat i feel and not being diplomatically correct.. we have newspaper to do that!!!! so anyways coming back to the point... hurt.. wer does it origin from??

You might be shocked to hear my answer or few insanely wise who considers themselves as crazy as i am would agree... Hurt starts from 'I' and ends at 'I'. Let me Explain this... No one has the right to pull you down or degrade you and no one is stronger than yourself to pierce through you. And if anyone does it is only because we let them enter and give them right to hurt ourselves. It is not bad to let people make place in your heart and you have soft corner but this does not mean you give in completely and bend to such an extent that you can never stand erect. If you don't respect yourself and are always stooping forget that anyone will ever respect you themselves. You have to take the first step yourself. You are sacred and individual having your own distinct identity. You stand for yourself. Be flexible but not doormat. At the same time feel sympathy and empathy for other people emotion. You will get back only what you give. At times it don't happen but that is when you have to raise voice. Never wait for later stage for problems to accumulate in heap and then you don't even realize how to unwound yourself. Take time for yourself. Love yourself. I didn't. I realized when I couldn't be good to myself how would any1 else be good to me. I was getting hurt because I was keeping my wound open instead of healing myself. I have taken the first step.. When are you??!!!

wAsTeD cHaNcE!!!

life shud not hav turned out dis way
we need not hav regrets and faced disgrace
love never let us go apart
but turns out lyf made me an outcast

i wud hav gladly took the pain
but wat i cudnt take in was denial and shame
i so wished i cud erase the pain
but i stood alone taking the blame

life had given us a chance
why did u let it go in vain
i hope u dnt suffer the same
wish u a life away from this insane!!


zindagi ek khubsurat nagma kabhi na hota
kaash woh pal kabhi apna na hota
takdeer ne maari har pal thokar
kaash tera sahara bhi na mila hota

Jhoothe khwab dikhaya yu
andhere mein jeena pada hain yu
savere k raah takte huye the
ab raat se mohabbat hua hain yu

dil gumsum baitha roya yu
maut ka bhi dastak haseen lagta hain tu
fir ek aks khor raha hain yu
khoya hain khud kise dhund raha hain yu