Monday, April 5, 2010


Everyone talks about love and heart but how much do we really know about it??? can we still define love... first word that we think of when we say love is 'Unconditional'.. but does it really exist in today's world!!! Mother love is said to be purest in form but still our family is so busy in providing us the comfort that we have forgotten about the small happiness a hug, a smile or encouraging word can give rather than criticism and comparison.

Then we talk of love with our soulmate... but our expectation itself is so high and we so busy in building a perfect relationship we lose the sweet memories that wud have enthralled us... nvr let those moments go... may it be any1... when we become old and our on death-bed that is the only memory that will be left... and when we die every1 will only remember about our deeds not our possession!!!

Do not let ur heart be binded with society and things that wont matter later.. today is all wat u have... do not lose it for future u nvr know and can decide abt.. it is unstable.. spread love and it will surely come back to u.... even if it wont u experience the love that u touched someone's soul at least for a moment.. it will surely remind u of being alive!!!!

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