Thursday, March 22, 2012

Losing YOUR L♥\/E

Life made sense 
with your presence...
Its losing its essence
with your absence

Scared me to be luckiest person on earth
much more precious than I can ever be worth...
Used to scar I know I wud still walk stronger
pain from you is far you wud hurt getting weaker...

You deserve a person much better
someone who won't ever let you shatter...
A time will come you spend your life with
what i would not want to barter to be your wife still...

We don't always get what we seek
God might had a future of your peek..
You are his favorite  person you said
he surely have reason for me to fade...

I was never right 
still wana hold you tight...
My plans have never worked for future
you are my love no matter even if you are immature...

I talk sometime sensible
I want things amicable..
You are everything I ever wanted..  
not even last thing I want is we parted 

You were my pride
we took life in stride..
The voice that captivated me for so long is lost
Everything seem so wrong at my life cost...