Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is your MASK on???!!!

The biggest lie anyone can say is they are real. No offense meant. But the truth is we ourselves have forgotten about our existence and what we want. We are so keen on trying to adapt ourselves and adjust to our surrounding that after a point we forget who we really are. I doubt if we any longer know what is it that we really want from our life and our decisions and wishes even to that matter our dream are something which is unaffected or untouched by some other known and unknown forces.

We are so keen on trying to please someone or be 'normal' and accepted by the so called society and the people around us that we forget that we are the one who form these norms and end up becoming part of the circus. How difficult is it to just be vocal about what you want and what offends you. But we are too worried about hurting others with our words or actions that we forget that instead we have started taking ourselves for granted. Every action is influenced not with what your heart says anymore. We have stopped listening to our heart long back. Now it is just our mind that thinks and dictates us. It has become manipulating and calculative. We have forgotten living our life.

Why can't we just what we do what we feel like?? Honestly have u ever felt like dancing on middle of road and actually done that. No, we don't!!! We are too stuck in thinking what will others think of it. When was the last time you laughed out loud or sang merrily not caring what others think about it. Has it ever happened you see a stranger and felt you just need to go and talk few sweet words or offer just a smile coz they need it. We don't. We hold ourselves so much back trying to be perfect that we are no longer ourselves. Why is it so difficult to just give yourself completely and immerse in satisfaction and passion and pleasure that you do not bother about the result or effect. Living your life happily is more important or living it as per others consent more??!!!

You may or may not believe in next life... whatever it is you might not really know or can foresee your next life how is it going to be... so why waste the life.. the time.. the moments you create in this life for something or someone who is not worth it. The only thing that is and should be worth the most is yourself. IF you cannot respect or identify yourself how will you ever know about anyone else. If you are busy wearing mask and showing around something you are not than you can't expect others to understand you. When you are living with yourself your life and still are unable to know yourself how will others do so? Introspection is the best observation you can do. Stop looking around for other people life. Analyze your own self. Others help you know things but you realize yourself better. Noone knows what goes in your life and the turmoil of emotions.. if you want them to see you need to remove the mask. But we feel so secure hiding ourselves removing it is same as standing naked removing your inhibitions. We want to feel protected and secured so much in life we are ready to take any mask that helps us survive. We are no longer in search of happiness and bliss but just passing the day hoping next morning will be better. When it can be so easily achieved by removing your mask and baring it all... when you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear... If only this basic thing we could learn.. We can just throw our mask and be ourselves... And i admit I miss myself at times!!!! I am scared to remove my mask.. to come out of its safety net.. but I know I would never be happy if i remain hidden behind the mask... Let someone know me and love me for what I am rather than what they want or think I am!!!!

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