Monday, October 3, 2011


Breakdown. Broken. Hurt. LOVE. Sad Scared. Desperate. Wailing. Stressed. Panic. Anguish. Emotions that make you confused and feel lost in this big world. Everything crashes to that one point and one moment of feeling. HURT. Every humane has gone thru that experience atleast once in life. Few like us goes through it many times over and over again as well.

I always used to feel and think people saying "He/she hurt me" which includes me. I am not an alien you see! I was thinking why do we hurt do much and why do we suffer. Is something or someone worth all the pain and hurt we go through ?? until I came to this conclusion.. which let me clear right away might not be agreeable to all. But then wat the heck!! dis is my blog and i am supposed to say wat i feel and not being diplomatically correct.. we have newspaper to do that!!!! so anyways coming back to the point... hurt.. wer does it origin from??

You might be shocked to hear my answer or few insanely wise who considers themselves as crazy as i am would agree... Hurt starts from 'I' and ends at 'I'. Let me Explain this... No one has the right to pull you down or degrade you and no one is stronger than yourself to pierce through you. And if anyone does it is only because we let them enter and give them right to hurt ourselves. It is not bad to let people make place in your heart and you have soft corner but this does not mean you give in completely and bend to such an extent that you can never stand erect. If you don't respect yourself and are always stooping forget that anyone will ever respect you themselves. You have to take the first step yourself. You are sacred and individual having your own distinct identity. You stand for yourself. Be flexible but not doormat. At the same time feel sympathy and empathy for other people emotion. You will get back only what you give. At times it don't happen but that is when you have to raise voice. Never wait for later stage for problems to accumulate in heap and then you don't even realize how to unwound yourself. Take time for yourself. Love yourself. I didn't. I realized when I couldn't be good to myself how would any1 else be good to me. I was getting hurt because I was keeping my wound open instead of healing myself. I have taken the first step.. When are you??!!!


  1. Nice to see ur words in blog again...
    Keep writing..
    Even I lived for my dear ones...All I got is tears and loneliness...
    Love thyself coz you are the one who can love you the most...

    village girl

  2. I don't agree there is always someone out there who loves us too.. But yes unless and until we love ourselves noone can love us back :)