Wednesday, October 5, 2011


"You are guilty", "You are at fault" and "It was your mistake not mine"... How easily it is said and much more easily made believe. There is nothing more complex and heart tearing than being made to feel guilty. Shame. Regret. Worry. Fear.  Everything becomes integral part of your life. But ever gave it a thought if you are really guilty??!!

The most easiest way to turn your blame on anyone else or the card to play in your life is blame things on other. All you need to do is put in the fear that you are wrong and how you have gone against the norm. No, I won't call it cruel or cunning thing a mankind has learned to adapt but it is more to do with the convenience. Guilt is something that can be easily transferred as we are not too strong to take the blame on ourselves. It needs more courage and strength to accept the blame and admit your fault than pointing fingers at others. Though said that it comes with a thin line that you need to make sure you don't cross to accept the blame and take the blame.

Both are two entirely different concept. When you accept the blame and realize and feel the guilt you are going on the path of self-realization and evaluating yourselves. But when you take the blame enforced on you all you are doing is fighting against your nature of being right to accept something that has been burdened upon you. More than times just to make the other person feel free of their own conscience. Someone heals themselves is good but not at your expense. You need to realize you are strong individual and nothing can beat u other than yourself.

The first thing you need to do is stop blaming yourself for what you know is not your mistake. As admitting your mistake is right thing to do same way graciously stating that you will not take the blame for what is not your doing is the absolutely essential part in having a better and meaningful life. If you want to live your life stand for yourself. You will have your close ones to defend you but this is battle you have to fight. This is war with yourself where you can win only after surrendering yourself completely at the same time holding back tightly. The paradox it is and it is exactly what the guilt is.

It is no longer preconceived notion. In today's time guilt are been imposed on innocent and the ones at fault who walks freely without any remorse. It is time you realize you don't want that. You are good person and deserve better. And if you think you made mistake rectify it and let it go!! Learn from it and move on.. Life is too short and  your journey too long to lose your way on a GUILT TRIP!!!

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