Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Live - PRESENT- not an illusion

Sometimes we create our life as oasis in the desert. We start believing in something and eventually end up living in illusion. It starts with the need to comfort us and keep us sane at times but without realizing it at times it end up taking us away so far from reality that we fail to see even the obvious. We need to balance out the truth and dream. We complicate our lives to such an extent that we forget where to draw the line and start having over expectation about certain things or people in life.

Life is simple we just love complicating it. How hard is it to lead a simple but a happy life??? We have stopped understanding the difference between necessity and luxury in life. The world has turned into materialistic society to such an extent that love, comfort, security, trust and understanding sounds alien to people. It is easier to negate all the problems in life when we learn to accept life as it is and be happy with what we have instead of demanding more in life. It is not wrong to dream and try achieving higher but what sense does it make to lose every passing moment in burning and craving for something we do not have??!! I would rather have a fulfilled and content life enjoying every moment I have rather than worry about the goal.

Its high time people need to realize in this fast paced life that everyone has to reach someone in their life but content is the one who enjoys the journey rather than be so focused on the destination that he misses out all the beautiful things that passed on his way. Have you ever thought what will you do reaching such a destination and what next then??!! There will be nothing to hold on to, no memories you have created and eventually reach the pinnacle of success, ultimate goal or whatever it is that you have been aiming for your whole life. But at the end was it really worth it when you would be the lonely and when you turn around have no one beside you to share anything or shoulder to cry or warm hug to comfort you later on. Why are we so afraid to take risk and scared of falling down. Everyone makes mistakes in life. If you don't then you are GOD. And I am not!! I am a human being.. and I think people around me are too. Why can't we just enjoy the wrong turn, laugh about it and be proud of the flaws in us. Everyday is learning process. Learn from it and move on. Harping on your mistakes and digging out the dead graves takes you nowhere in life either. Again we need to balance out our present and past and know where to draw the line.

Live in present!! It is beautiful gift given to us and that is why it is called 'present'!! Every passing moment has something beautiful stored in it. You need to learn enjoying it without any regret of the past or hope of the future. Honestly how many of us know what will happen in future. You have plans for 2 years ahead of you to 20 years ahead but do we really know if we will see the next day in our life. No I am not pessimist!!! I am just too much into life and realize I will not get back the lost moment. I don't have time to waste regretting and crying over something which has already happened and I cannot change. Nor do I have time to ponder upon the future which might not be there in my fate. So I decided to take the destiny in my hand and make my life as beautiful as possible with the 'Present' I have... Hope atleast someone of you agree to me at one point.. If not its your life.. Good luck is all I have to say.. Your thinking suits you the best just as mine does it to me... what matters is at the end of the day we know we are happy and just ourselves!!!


  1. Live the moment oblivious of the past or the future is the real way to live.

    The best way to live is to respond to each moment as it present itself. But instead of that we normally say it should come like this and then only I can respond. Or I would do like this only and the world should respond to me like this. Action and its result are connected so you have to understand each situation and then respond to get the desired result.

    No need also to judge things as good or bad or a person as good or bad but see what best can be done in each case.

  2. bad or good is relative...whatever decision we take may be good or bad, but thats how it has had to be and so it is...

  3. i completely agree with u Haran!!