Monday, October 10, 2011

DaTs ME!!!!

You can see that innocent smile
but its not really as it seems
there is pain behind those cracking lines
why dont you really wana see

There are so many unspoken words
wish you could understand what it means
life is not easy at it seems
I really need to break free

I want to cry my heart out
how difficult is it to feel
just stand beside me
why can't u just let me be

My life is wat I will make it
nothing to do wid wat it had been
listen to me if u really care for me
don't interpret the way you want it to be

I had given life a chance
why you had to ruin it for me
things were not so complicated
as you making it a big deal

I need my life back
noone is going to run my show
I have decided to live it
noone sets rule for me anymore


  1. I could sense what you mean in each lines...Keep writing...It can make your mind light

    village girl

  2. rule ur life as u feel it dont listen wat ur mind says decisions shud be taken by ur heart